How To Last Longer In Bed Without Weird Pills, Drugs or Sprays

Hi. I’m Mitch. I’m a coach specializing in preventing premature ejaculation and below I’ll be showing you 7 ways to last longer in bed naturally and without the use of pills, drugs or sprays.

There’s a lot here for us to go through, but as you will see, the methods, techniques and training exercises I’ll show you are most effective way to quickly and permanently increase your ejaculatory control.

But before we get to the actual techniques it’s important that you understand this problem for what it really is.

All Men Can Last Longer In Bed With The Right Approach

A lot of the tips and information you get online about lasting longer in bed is from people trying to sell you temporary and band-aid type “fixes”. And to do this they will try to tell you that you are abnormal and have a significant disorder.

They will tell you that there is no permanent cure for premature ejaculation and that if you want to be able to enjoy sex you need to buy and use their pills, sprays, drugs or creams for the rest of you life.

Don’t listen to any of this. It’s simply not true.

The only difference between you and a guy who can last in bed is that you haven’t developed the skills and techniques required. This skills aren’t difficult to learn and start using.

In fact all guys (no matter how much you struggle to last in bed now) can master these ejaculatory control skills within a month.

You see the problem most guys make is that they view premature ejaculation as a disorder and something they are stuck with due to bad luck.

Once you make the switch to understanding these are all skills with can be learned, practiced and ultimate mastered. That’s when you will start rapidly increasing your natural lasting power.

7  key skills you’ll need to last longer in bed

Note: From now on I’ll talk to you as thought you are once of my private clients that I coach. It’s just what I’m used to and it’s the most effective way to teach you the concepts and skills.

I teach all of these skills in detail as part of my Ejaculation Coach training course, but even if you don’t intend to complete the course the following will help you learn how to last longer.

The key is to understand that there are many effective ways you can increase your ejaculation control. You are not stuck with this, and you don’t have to ‘just put up with it’ like most men unfortunately do.

1. Cool Down Techniques


First up we need to make sure you’re covered for emergencies (and for tonight).

These are specific techniques you’ll be learning which you can execute once you start to feel that your arousal is rising to quickly.

These are always one of the first things teach my clients because I’ve noticed that once you have a few of these up your sleeve you’ll are able to relax a bit more and get a boost of confidence.

As you work through the program and start getting good at the more powerful methods you’ll find that you won’t need to use these “hacks” as often. And once you have finished the full course and gain full control you can safely forget about these.

But until then, these are great for the guys who want to start lasting longer straight away and are also a good lead in to the more advanced stuff.

There’s 6 of these techniques that I teach in my course. And I’ll teach you the best times to use each one.

Once you try them out yourself you’ll quickly see witch work best for you and may even choose to combine some of them.

2. Ejaculatory Muscle Training

Some guys get freaked out by the idea of ejaculation training but there’s no need to be.

Once you’re able to get passed the stigma we unconsciously attach to sex these training methods are no different to other physical training such as sit-ups or batting practice.

Let me ask you a question.

Do you know which muscle controls ejaculation?

If your like a lot of guys you’ll have no idea. But it’s actually really simple. There’s just one group of muscles. It’s called the PC group of muscle (or pubococcygeus if you want to get technical)

Old school books and a lot of the stuff you see online will tell you to do kegels exercises, but these are a waist of time and can actually make your problem worse if you do them too much.

The trick is to be able to relax your PC muscles on call. Its one of the hardest muscle areas in the human body but it can be done once you know what to focus on.

The key is to build up muscles memory which requires a specific type of exercise which I’ll show you.

It can take up to 4 weeks of training before this clicks into place but once you get there you’ll see why it is so effective at helping you last longer.

Mindset and Confidence


Despite what you may have been told. Premature ejaculation is never “all in your head”.

We like to separate the mind and the body into 2 separate and distinct sections. It makes it easy for us to try to understand ourselves. In reality it’s never that simple.

And controlling your ejaculation is a great example of this.

My clients even note that some of the physical exercises I give them are just as much of a mental work out as a physical one. That’s because you’ll be training to develop control in a lot of areas that your brain is not used to controlling.

Until you develop muscle memory you’ll really have to focus.

In my experience a lot of so called experts on premature ejaculation over

It works the other way too.

Sometimes the best way to stop mental

Getting You Breathing Right (plus more advanced methods)

Most guys don’t even give a second thought to the way they breath either before or during sex which is a shame because learning how to breath correctly is one of the quickest and easiest ways to last longer in bed.

There’s a bit more to it than just “taking deep breaths” but once you practice each of the breathing techniques a few times they are easy to pick up and you’ll be doing it automatically in no time.

I teach the guys I coach 3 separate techniques. 1 for before sex has begun, 1 to use during sex and one to use when you want to cool the system down a but.

Once you’ve learned the breathing will take it up a level to some more advanced visualization and meditative techniques that once mastered will allow you to instantly calm your system on call.

Reading What Your Body Is Telling You

Most guys are terrible at reading the messages their body is sending them.

They are completely oblivious. But there’s the thing. Your body is trying to help you last longer. It’s sending you all the singles. You just don’t know how to read them yet.

It’s actually dead simple once you know what to look for. And once you work it out you’ll be able to make the right adjustments every time.

You should be able to master this in the first week of the program.

I’ll give you a 3 specific training techniques to practice this.

Superior Technique and Positions

The sexual positions you choose can make or break your performance. But by making a few adjustments you’ll be able to maintain control without having to just stop still, which women hate.

Just like the instant cool down methods we have looked at this next module is to help you as you work your way up towards full ejaculation control. At this stage you’ll be able to maintain control during any position and wont even give it a second thought.

But while you building up to that level, this is an important part of your training.

Most men assume that this is only about the way the head of the penis and its underside is stimulated. That’s a factor, but its only part of the story.

Equally important is the way different position effect the amount of tension within your core muscles. Because it’s this tension that works its way straight down to your ejaculatory muscles and that’s something you will be working to avoid.

Achieving Flow (advanced)


This next module may seem a bit strange or even spiritual at first. But it’s based on real science and most guys tell me that it’s the part of the course where they can start putting everything together.

It’s where you stop thinking about the clock or all the what if’s and are finally able to just relax and enjoy sex on your terms.

It’s also where you’ll transition from just poking away to be able to stay in control during those hard pounding sex sessions that your girl is probably hanging out for which you’ve been missing out on up till now.

I’m sure you know that feeling that you are worried so much about coming early and embarrassing yourself in front of your girl that you cant even enjoy yourself. This is when you’ll see all that dissolving away

Combining these skills is much more effective

Next well take a time out from the 7 skills because it’s important to understand how they all work together, and why that to get the most out of each they need to be completed as a single program.

This is why almost all of the time guys fail to see improvements when they just try a few exercises and tips that they found online or in some of the books floating around.

Many of the guys I have coached personally or who have completed my online course tell me about failing in the past when they tried ejaculation training. And this is the reason why.

The Next Step

Thanks for joining me, and hopefully learning about how you can improve your stamina in bed.

It’s  can be really tough going through what you are experiencing now. Not being able to last in bed can eat away at your confidence and make you feel inferior in bed to other guys.

If left unchecked it can really destroy an otherwise healthy relationship.  But it doesn’t have to be this way.

The fact that you have read this far shows that you are serious about changing this right now. And it also tells me that you are just the type of guy that these methods will work for.

If you’re the decisive type and want to stat learning all of this right now you can download the full course here. You can also check out the ejaculation coach home page to learn more.

If you have any questions for me you can get in touch here.

Mitch Hawkins
Mitch Hawkins
Mitch Hawkins coaches men on how to last longer in bed using a range of natural training techniques. Along with helping his private clients cure premature ejauclation Mitch is also the creater of the EjaculationCoach training course.