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How To Stop Premature Ejaculation Naturally Without Pills, Drugs Or Sprays – Starting Tonight…

Hey guys. I’m Mitch and here I’ll be showing you the strategies, techniques and training methods that will put an end to your premature ejaculation troubles for good.  As a sex coach specializing in helping men last longer in bed I’ve helped thousands of men cure their premature ejaculation and here I’ll be showing you absolutely everything I teach my private clients.

There’s some really powerful stuff for you here, But before we get into the exact methods and training techniques you need to understand one important fact.

Premature Ejaculation is Not a Disease, Disorder or Abnormality…

A lot of the things you read online about premature ejaculation and lasting longer in bed is produced by drug companies, internet marketers or so called “sexual medical clinics” who know only too well that that the best way to get you to buy their expensive pills, drugs or sprays is to make you feel as though you have a serious disorder.

They will tell you that you have an incurable disease, a strange abnormality or that you are mentally fragile. They will tell you that premature ejaculation is something you are stuck with and to be able to have real sex like ‘a normal guy’ you need what ever they are selling.

Don’t believe any of this…

With each and every one of the guys I coach, I make sure they know this right from the word go. Because premature ejaculation is not permanent, it’s not abnormal and it’s not permanent when you go about fixing it the right way. All it means is that you haven’t yet worked out how to regulate and control your ejaculatory system. The skills you need to do this are not difficult to learn. In fact with the right instruction they are remarkable easy to master. Next I’ll show you exactly how…

it's being raved about in places like this...

These 7 Skills Are The Key To  Reaching Full Control

Here’s a list of the skills and training techniques I teach my clients along with the main benefits of each one. (check out the link down the page for more details on each these)

Breathing, Visualization and Relaxation Techniques

If your body isn’t in a relaxed and controlled state prior to sex your chances of lasting will drop dramatically. With the correct breathing techniques you’ll ensure your not sabotaging your chances before you have even begun. We then move onto the more powerful visualization and relaxation methods that are all about keeping tension out of your core area. It’s this tension that will work it’s way down to your ejaculatory muscles and trigger ejaculation. These techniques will shut it down at the source.

  • Help you get through the early stages of intercourse
  • Melt away that tension that can trigger premature ejaculation

Mindset And Confidence

We’ll cover 6 simple and effective techniques to shift your mindset, and ensure  negative thoughts don’t snowball. You’ll stop thinking and worrying about all those “what if’s” and be relaxed and confident both before and during sex.

  • Stop panicking and enjoy sex
  • Feel relaxed and confident

Ejaculatory Reflex Minimization

This will take a few weeks to fully learn. But once you get it right it will catapult your improvement to the next level. We’ll be learning how to recognize and then shut down your ejaculatory reflex right when it starts.

  • Cool your system fast –  Way before reaching the point of no return
  • Maintain high levels of stimulation without loosing control

Superior Techniques And Positions

You’ll be learning how to make a few small tweaks to your sexual techniques so you can stay in control. Thins means they’ll be none of that stopping and starting business, which women hate.

  • How to drive your girl wild wile staying in control
  • No more stopping and starting

Eliminate Unwanted Muscular Tension

For guys who can’t last in bed, muscular tension builds up in your core and quickly makes it’s way to to your pelvic area. And once it’s there, it’ll give you a hair trigger. I’ll show you how to recognize what causes this tension and actionable steps to shut it down at the source.

  • Stops you making easy to fix mistakes that will otherwise sabotage your efforts to last
  • Get you through the all important initial stages of sex

Getting In a State Of Flow On Call

In this more advanced module you’ll be learning a specific sequence of steps that will get you in a state of flow or “in the zone”. You’ll forget about the clock and start having real sex. Once you learn this skill you’ll be able to last in bed, even during those hard pounding session that you’ve been missing out on. My clients love this module!

  • Learn to focus on the great sex you’re now having, not on the clock
  • Give your girl the real sex she has been hanging out for

Instant Cool Down Techniques And Hacks

I’ll run you through 8 fast working methods to cool your system instantly. These “emergency” techniques are simple to learn so you can put them into action tonight. You won’t need these once you learn the more advanced methods of ejaculation control, but until then – Don’t even think about getting into bed without having a few of these up your sleeve.

  • Shut your ejaculatory system down fast before the dreaded point of no return
  • Put a lid on your anxieties by always having these fall-backs

If you’d like some more details on each of these skills you can check out my article on how how to last longer in bed (if you haven’t already read it), or if you are keen to know the exact steps to take to get all this working for you then keep reading…


These advanced stamina control methods used to be only available to my personal clients. Now you can get your hands on them too.

Ready To Start Putting All This Into Action?

If all this sounds like it’s exactly what you need. you’re probably wondering if you qualify for the course and if you do, how you can sign up and start learning everything for yourself.

I’ll go over that shortly. But first here’s a peak at what you’ll learn from the Ejaculation Coach course…

Take a peak at just a few of the things you’ll be learning…

  • How to use foreplay to your advantage
  • A set of emergency techniques that you can use tonight
  • Understand the REAL reasons you ejaculate early – most guys have no idea
  • Learn a special “quick fix” hack that can give you an extra 5 minutes tonight
  • A way to manipulate your thoughts to get them working with you – not against
  • How to quickly build up muscle memory so you can control the muscles in your pelvic area on call
  • A little know sexual technique that makes it easy for you to stay in control while driving your girl wild
  • Why 98 percent of men who complete the Ejaculation Coach course can last at least 20 minutes – Every time
  • A great fast-working trick you can do with your tongue to get back under control without your girl even noticing
  • Why most women will give there partner a chance to fix their premature ejaculation before looking elsewhere
  • A fail-proof method of eliminating that fluttering sensation many men get when a woman starts stimulating you
  • Learn why distracting yourself during sex is one of the worst thing you can do. I’ll show you a much better method
  • You’ll learn why premature ejaculation IS NOT caused by an overly sensitive penis (no matter how much it may seem like it)
  • And why in 4 short weeks, once you have completed the Ejaculation Coach program you will have the confidence, techniques and sexual stamina to satisfy any woman


Ejaculation Coach Course


Complete 100% On Your Own With Step-by-Step Help

You’ll be getting all of these skills laid out in front of you with an easy to follow, step by step action plan. And although I’ll be guiding you every step of the way you can complete the whole program from start to finish without having to see, contact or talk to anyone. Most guys don’t feel comfortable sharing their premature ejaculation problems with the world. But that’s OK, because now you don’t have to.

Why Guys Have Been Enjoying Such Great Results

There’s nothing else like the Ejaculation Coach program about and there’s a good reason that the guys completing it have been seeing such remarkable results. Everything you will learn is based on real science. Every single technique, tip and training method has been systematically road-tested, tweaked and improved and on hundreds of men.

So it’s all based on what has been proven to work, time and again. And that’s why you’ll see the exact same results.

Now’s Your Chance To Back Out

Since you’re still here, chances are you cant wait to get your hands on the program and get started. But this course isn’t for everyone, so now’s your chance to back out if you think it might not be for you.

I’ve put a lot of work into the program and am extremely passionate about teaching these skills to men like yourself who would otherwise miss out on experiencing the joys of real sex. But I do need some commitment from you to complete the exercises and work through the program.

If you can’t manage this then I’m sorry, but the Ejaculation Coach program is probably not for you. But if you are prepared to give this a shot and can commit to three 20minute training sessions a week then I know this is right for you.

Try The Program Now %100 Risk Free

Once you choose to commit to it I have total faith that the Ejaculation Coach program will give you the stamina and confidence to put this embarrassing problem behind you for good. I’ve seen first hand how it’s worked for over 2400 men already, and I know it will work just as well for you.  That’s why I offer it with an iron clad 100% money back guarantee.

So if you don’t:

  • Develop the stamina, skills and prowess to satisfy any woman in bed
  •  See the humiliation, shame and insecurities dissolve away
  • And acquire the staying power to last 20 plus minutes any time you choose…

…within 60 days of completing the program. Just send me an email and I’ll refund every cent – no questions asked. That’s how confident I am that the Ejaculation Coach program will be successful for you.

It’s Time That You And Your Partners Stopped Missing Out On Real Sex

Start the Ejaculation Coach course today and forget about the embarrassment and humiliation of premature ejaculation for good.

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I know it’s tough trying to deal with premature ejaculation. But the fact that you’ve found your way here shows that you have a genuine desire to do something about it.

Thanks for hearing me out and letting me break down the stigma and myths about premature ejaculation. I hope that after reading this you will have a better understanding of exactly what premature ejaculation is, and what it isn’t.

I also hope you can see that I have laid down a path at your feet.

You’ve made the first step toward fixing this and now it’s time for me to follow through with my part of the bargain and start working with you to fix this problem right now.

These exact methods have worked for the thousands of men who have already used is and I’m sure they will work just as well for you too.