How To Last Longer In Bed Without Pills, Drugs or Sprays

Hi. I’m Mitch. I’m a coach specializing in helping men improve their bedroom stamina and here I’ll be showing you the 7 most effective ways  to last longer in bed naturally without the use of pills, drugs or sprays.

If you struggle to last in bed we’ll be putting an end to that right now, but before we get to the actual techniques it’s important that you understand this one crucial thing…

You are not stuck with this…

A lot of the tips and information you get online about lasting longer in bed are from people trying to sell you temporary and band-aid type “fixes”. And to do this they will try to tell you that you are abnormal and have a significant disorder.

They will say that there is no permanent cure for premature ejaculation and that if you want to be able to enjoy sex like a normal guy you need to buy and use their pills, sprays, drugs or creams for the rest of you life.

Don’t believe a single word of this..

The only difference between you and a guy who can last in bed is that you haven’t developed the skills and techniques required. These skills aren’t difficult to learn and start using. In fact all guys (no matter how much you struggle to last in bed now) can master the ejaculatory control skills I’m about to show you.

7  key skills you’ll need to last longer in bed

I teach all of these skills in detail as part of my Ejaculation Coach training course. But even if you don’t intend to complete the full program, what I have to show you hear is still going to help you last longer in bed.

The key is to understand that you are not stuck with this and you don’t have to ‘just put up with it’ like most guys end up doing.

Let’s get started…

1. Cool Down Techniques Are What You Need To Turn Back The Clock Before It’s Too Late


First up we need to make sure you’re covered for emergencies (and for tonight). So you’re going to need some instant cool down methods up your sleeve.

These are specific techniques you’ll be learning which you can execute once you start to feel that your arousal is rising too quickly.

These are always one of the first things teach my clients because I’ve noticed that once you have a few of these up your sleeve you’ll be able to relax a bit more and get a boost of confidence.

As you work through the skills and start getting good at the more powerful methods you’ll find that you won’t need to use these “hacks” as often. And once you have mastered all of the skills and gain full control you can safely forget about these.

But until then, these are great for the guys who want to start lasting longer straight away and are also a good lead in to the more advanced stuff.

There’s 6 of these techniques that I teach in my course. And I’ll teach you the best times to use each one.

Once you try them out yourself you’ll quickly see witch work best for you and may even choose to combine some of them.

2. How Breathing, Relaxation and Visualization Methods Will Help You Last Longer Tonight

Breathing correctly will help you last longer in bed

Most guys don’t even give a second thought to the way they breath either before or during sex which is a shame because learning how to breath correctly is one of the quickest and easiest ways to last longer in bed.

There’s a bit more to it than just “taking deep breaths” but once you practice each of the breathing techniques a few times they are easy to pick up and you’ll be doing it automatically in no time.

I teach the guys I coach 3 separate techniques. 1 for before sex has begun, 1 to use during sex and one to use when you want to cool the system down a but.

Once we’ve got you breathing correctly we will then take it up a level and get you doing some more advanced visualization and meditative techniques that once mastered will allow you to always be in a calm, confidant and controlled state.

3. Ejaculatory Muscle Training: It’s The Foundation Of Real Control In Bed

Last Longer With PC Muscle Training Excersises

Some guys get freaked out by the idea of ejaculation training but there’s no need to be.

Once you’re able to get passed the stigma we unconsciously attach to sex these training methods are no different to any other physical training such as sit-ups or batting practice. And if you are serious about improving your stamina in bed, its something you will have to do.

Let me ask you a question…

Do you know what actually causes you to ejaculate?

If you’re like 99% of guys you’ll have no idea. But it’s actually really simple. There’s just one group of muscles. It’s called the PC group of muscle (or pubococcygeus if you want to get technical), and when these muscles are relaxed it is physical impossible to climax.

Old school books and a lot of the stuff you see online will just tell you to do kegels exercises, but these are a waist of time in their traditional form and can actually make your problem worse if you do them too much.

The key is to build up muscles memory which requires a specific set of exercises to get you to a stage where you can relax your PC muscles on call. Because when this muscle is relaxed it is physically impossible to ejaculate.

It can take 2- 3 weeks of training before this clicks into place but once you get there you’ll see why it is such a game-changer.

4. How To Manage Your Thoughts, focus and Confidence Level During Sex

Improve your confidence and mindset in bed

Despite what you may have been told. Premature ejaculation is never “all in your head”.

In the past, it was standard for guys who couldn’t last in bed to be sent to a psychologist where they would have to dredge up their inner most thoughts and insecurities to some guy on a couch. And as you would expect – this didn’t work very well.

It must have been tough for guys with premature ejaculation in the past. They didn’t have access to the type of modern, scientific training methods that I’m showing you and most of them just gave up.

Mental factors still play a part…

While we now know that premature ejaculation is mostly caused by a lack of physical skills, that doesn’t mean that mental factors are not important. They are. Because if you don’t take steps to regulate your thoughts, perceptions and your mindset during sex it can really start to sabotage your efforts to last longer.

The good news is that when you know what to focus on it’s not had to flip the script and get your thoughts working for you, not against. I have a six step process of achieving this which makes it super easy, but the real improvements come when you start combining these mental improvements with the physical skills you’re also developing…

Because real confidence comes from knowing you have the skills to back it up.

5.Your Body Is Sending You All The Right Signals – Know How To Read Them And Take Action.

Last Longer In Bed By reading Your Body's Signals

Most guys are terrible at reading the messages their body is sending them during sex.

They are completely oblivious. But here’s the thing. Your body is trying to help you last longer. It’s sending you all the singles you need. You just don’t know how to read them yet.

It’s actually dead simple once you know what to look for. And once you work it out you’ll be able to make the right adjustments every time that will cool your system at the source – before it gets out of control.

After all – There’s not point learning all these powerful techniques if you don’t know the right time to put them into action.

You should be able to master this skill in the first week. At this stage you’ll be able to recognize in a flash exactly which control method to use.

6. Use Superior Techniques and Positions To Avoid All That Stopping And Starting That Women Hate.

The sexual positions you choose can make or break your performance and most guys get it dead wrong. But by making a few adjustments you’ll be able to maintain control without having to just stop still in the middle of sex while your girl gives you a weird look.

Women hate this stopping and starting business because it basically resets their arousal level too, making it impossible for them to climax. But there is a much better way. And once you have learned it, you will never have to stop and start again.

Equally important is the way different positions effect the amount of tension within your core muscles. Because it’s this tension that works its way straight down to your ejaculatory muscles and that’s something you will be working to avoid.

Cool yourself down, stimulate your girl…

The techniques you will learn are great because they will let you cool your system down a notch while you continue sex. And many of these techniques will actually stimulate your partner more and have her crying out with pleasure while you catch a breather.

Just like the instant cool down methods we have looked at, these specific positions and techniques are designed to help you during your training phase as you work up towards full ejaculation control.

Once you master everything else you’ll be able to choose any position you like including those hard pounding positions. But until you build yourself up to that level, this is an important part of your training.

7. Getting In A State Of Flow – The Key To Staying In Control During Those Hard Pounding Sex Sessions You’ve Been Missing Out On (advanced)

Get In The Zone and Last Longer During Sex

This final skill-set you will need to learn is more advanced and may seem a bit strange or even spiritual at first. But it’s based on real science and most guys tell me that it’s the part of the course where they can start putting everything together.

You see, one of the worst pieces of advice dished out to men who can’t last in bed is to distract yourself during sex. You’ll get told to count sheep or think about baseball or something you find discussing. This stuff is repeated everywhere online and even by some so called premature ejaculation experts. You may have even tried it yourself and I bet it didn’t make much of a difference.

But there’s a much better way. And that’s what I’ll be teaching you in this advanced part of the program.

The key is to tune in, not out…

The key is to take your focus away from “just your genitals” and transfer it to the rest of your body and all the other things you are sensing. I’ll give you step by step instructions on how to do this and it will get you into that “lost in the moment” type of state.

This is where you stop thinking about the clock or all those “what if’s” and can finally just relax and enjoy great sex on your terms.

Guys such as yourself who cum too early often blame it on having over-sensitive penis, saying things like “my penis is just way to sensitive”. But 99 percent of the time it’s a focus issue, not a physical impairment. And once you got this skill down-pat you”ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

I’m sure you know that feeling that you are worried so much about coming early and embarrassing yourself in front of your girl that you cant even enjoy yourself. This is when you’ll see all that dissolving away.

This stage is also where you’ll transition from just poking away to be able to stay in control during those hard pounding sex sessions that you (and no doubt your girl) have been hanging out for.  You’ve probably been missing out on this kind of sex up till now, but here’s where that ends!

The Killer-Combo …and Why Most Guys Will Fail

Next well take a time out from the 7 skills because it’s important to understand how they all work together, and why that to get the most out of each they need to be completed all at once.

This is why almost all of the time guys fail to see improvements when they just try a few exercises and tips that they found online or in some of the books floating around.

That just wont get it done. You need to blitz this thing.

Get your breathing right. Learn instant cool down methods. Anchor your mindset, Read what your body is telling you and then use the right sexual technique. Train your ejaculatory muscles. And learn how to put yourself right in the zone on call.

Do all this stuff and It’s practically impossible for you not to last longer.

Don’t just fiddle away with one or two of these methods. That won’t do. Do it all together. Get serious. And end this thing now with a full scale onslaught.

The Next Step

Thanks for joining me, and hopefully learning about how you can improve your stamina in bed.

It can be really tough going through what you are experiencing now. Not being able to last in bed can eat away at your confidence and make you feel inferior in bed to other guys.

And if left unchecked it can really destroy an otherwise healthy relationship.  But it doesn’t have to be this way.

I’m not much of a marketer. But I am passionate about giving guys like you the skills to last longer in bed, which is why I have put all the methods I teach into a step-by-step program. It’s not for everyone. But if what I have shared here makes sense, then there’s a good chance it’s perfect for you.

The fact that you have read this far shows that you are serious about changing this right now. And it also tells me that you are just the type of guy that these methods will work for.

If you’re the decisive type and want to start learning all of this right now you can download the full course here. You can also check out the ejaculation coach home page to learn more about exactly what you’ll get.

Or If you have any more questions or comments about these skills and how they will work for you can get in touch with me here.

Best of luck with it,


Mitch Hawkins
Mitch Hawkins
Mitch Hawkins coaches men on how to last longer in bed using a range of natural training techniques. Along with helping his private clients cure premature ejaculation Mitch is also the creator of the Ejaculation Coach training course.