Your Results

I get a lot of guys (and a few women) emailing me to ask about the results they will get after completing the Ejaculation Coach program. And what most of them really want to know is “Will it work for me?  (or my partner in the case of the women).

I’ve don’t my best to fully explain exactly what my Ejaculation Coach program is, including all the techniques and training methods, but here I want to take some time to talk about the typical results men are experiencing after completing the program.

I have pointed out that 98% of men who get the course are able to last at least 20 minutes. That’s true but there’s much more to it than just counting minutes.

We can group the benefits you will experience into 2 groups. There’s the benefits which you will experience during sex. And there’s also additional benefits, such as a better more secure relationship, less anxiety and increased confidence.

First lets look at the specific results you will enjoy during sex.

Extended arousal phase

There are generally 3 phases of arousal that occur during sex. The excitement stage, the plateau stage and Orgasm/ejaculation. And It’s the plateau stage you will be extending the most as you work through the program.

This is great for you because it’s also the most enjoyable. As you learn to extend this phase to 5 then 10, then 20 plus minutes your will be riding waves of pleasure but all the while knowing you have the skills to bring yourself back. Its a great feeling.

Be a much better lover

Most guys think that if they can just last longer that will automatically impress their partner in bed. But ask any woman and she’ll tell you that there’s a lot more to it than that. Well it just so happens that many of the skills you will be learning to last longer in bed, are also skills that improve your sexual performance at the same time.

Much longer and stronger orgasms

Another really great added benefit guys experience after completing the course is that their orgasms are massive. And there’s a good reason for this.

You see, right now you orgasms are likely very short and weak. Its the same for all guys with premature ejaculation. You may not notice it so much because that’s all you’ve ever known. But that’s about to change.

As you extend your plateau stage more and more, pressure will increasingly build up. And because this pressure has had much longer to build up once you finally to decide to release, your orgasms will be thunderous.

Enjoy hard pounding sex sessions

Not all the time. But sometimes your women needs some hard pounding sex. And you do too. This is something you have both been missing out on up till now.

The advanced sections of the course that you will learn over the final 2 weeks will show you how too put your self in a state where you can easily withstand those hard pounding sex sessions.


Feel great about your relationships

Look forward to having sex

Sex should be fun. It should be something that you look forward to. But many guys with premature ejaculation actually start to dread the thought of sex. Being in this state of mind sux


Learning how to control you ejaculation is like riding a bike. Once you know how, that skill is with you for life.

The Ejaculation Coach method is all about giving you the skills and showing you how to use them. A once learned there will be no looking back.

That’s a big problem with every other premature ejaculation treatment. None of them are permanent. Not a single one.