Are Premature Ejaculation Sprays and Creams Effective?

Recently desensitizing sprays or cream manufacturers (sometimes called delay sprays) have been aggressively advertising¬† their products to men effected by premature ejaculation. Here we’ll be looking at the effectiveness of this approach along with some of the drawbacks and side effects that may occur.

I don’t recommend using numbing sprays or creams to prevent premature ejaculation. I outline the reasons for this below, however if you skip straight to the most effective way to cure premature ejaculation you should read my article on how to last longer in bed naturally using exercises and self training methods.

Should you numb your genitals?

There’s nothing new about this approach. In fact men have been using various substances to numb their genitalia during sex for millennial. Some may point to this to be proof of the effectiveness of this method while others may point out that it proves just how foolish and clueless guys can be when it comes to sex.

Sorry fellas but I’m going to have to agree with the latter conclusion here because in reality, numbing your penis during sex is one of the worst things you can do if you want to increase your staying power over the long run. I’ve seen this fist hand through working with my private clients and researching the problems that can occur when choosing to use a premature ejaculation spray or desensitizing agent and there are much better ways to last longer in bed which are both all natural and permanent.

The Over Sensitive Myth

The main reasoning behind the use of premature ejaculation sprays is that it assumed that premature ejaculation is caused by a man having an overly sensitive penis. Therefor, de-sensitizing it would, on the surface appear to be a logical step to take.

The problem is however that premature ejaculation (despite what most guys assume) is almost never due to you having an overly sensitive penis. The problem is that your mental attention is focused towards your genital area and not on all the other sensations you are feeling. There are a range of easy steps you can take to correct this without resorting to numbing sprays.

Types Of Premature Ejaculation Sprays

Despite each premature ejaculation spray marketed claiming to have a unique property or formula they all basically work the same way. As a local anesthetic. Most use a substance called lidocaine as an active ingredient.

Some are applied to your penis prior to sex and need to be used with a condom to avoid also numbing your partner. Even if you do take this precaution there is still a good chance that a small amount will be passed onto your partner’s genital area. Even a tiny amount will numb her and make it impossible for her to become stimulated and reach orgasm.

Penetrative Premature Ejaculation Sprays

These are sprays that are applied to the penis some time before sex. The they will numb the penis and then can be washed off prior to sex. While this approach decreases the change of also numbing your partner this is still possible as some of the active ingredient can seep back out during intercourse.

With these sprays you will also have to interrupt foreplay for at least 15 minutes to apply and shower.

Drawbacks And Side effects Of Premature Ejaculation Sprays

Expensive: As with most other non-permanent premature ejaculation treatments this is a very expensive way to go in the long run. A small tube can cost around $80 and will need to be replaced regularly, adding up to thousands of dollars a year.

Desensitizing your partner: As careful as you are there will always be a risk of also numbing your partner. The clitoris is highly sensitive so if just a tiny amount comes into contact you can say good bye to your partner enjoying the sex, no matter how long you can last

A Dead Dick: Sex is just not much fun when you are poking away with a dead dick.

Become Flaccid: It’s very easy to become flaccid and unable to gain an erection which will be even more of a turn of to your partner than premature ejaculation.

Skin rash: These can often occur after use depending on curtain reaction you may have

Guaranteed mood killer: Do you really want to be know as the guy who has duck out to numb his penis, wait 15 minutes and then take a shower before sex every time. That’s a pretty big mood killer.

A Better Way To Prevent Premature Ejaculation

I’ve been pretty blunt about the problems with premature ejaculation sprays here. If it was all guys had, I’d probably ease up a bit, but the thing is that there are much better ways to go about lasting longer in bed. If you are considering using premature ejaculation sprays or have used them you really should be completing a comprehensive premature ejaculation training program first.

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Additional questions…

What’s the best premature ejaculation spray I can buy over the counter?

You can buy cheap sprays for 3 dollars or some for $100 but they will all have the same major drawback in that they are not permanent and will never result in great sex.¬† Therefor I won’t be recommending any specific brands or products here.

What is lidocaine spray used for?

Lidocaine is the specific active ingredient used in most premature ejaculation sprays, creams and gels. It acts as a local anesthetic.

How long does it take for lidocaine to take effect?

Will usually take 10 to 15 minutes to take effect though this may vary due to the individual and the dosage.