Ejaculation Coach Reviews


‘I had what you’d call a “hair trigger”. I couldn’t even last 30 seconds. My doctor recommended doing behavioral training so I searched around and found the Ejaculation Coach. I didn’t expect it to work for me but I was wrong.’

James P

I got the program for my boyfriend. It really helped me understand what was going on with him and helped me talk to him about it. He has now completed the program and can outlast me most nights now. LOL. Thanks for such a great program Mitch!

Jane – 26 Years old – London

I spent years messing around with all of these random tips I found online. All it did was make me feel stupid and was a complete waste of time. I wish I had the Ejaculation Program back then. It just worked. It focuses on all the things you need without all the myths and bad advice you see everywhere else

Kwame 29 Years Old, Miami