The Real Causes Of Premature Ejaculation

When I’m coaching guys on how to improve their stamina in bed one of the first things they ask me is what causes my premature ejaculation?

The answer is dead simple. And i bet it’s not what you’re expecting.

You ejaculate prematurely because you haven’t yet learned the skills needed to control your ejaculation…

It’s as simple as that.

You see most guys think that because they can’t last in bed there’s something wrong with them. They think they are abnormal or that that’s just the way they are and that they are stuck with it.

That’s why if you search online you’ll get so many opportunist trying to sell you a ‘cure’ such as pills, sprays or medication. These industries want you to believe you have a disorder or disease because that makes it dead easy for them to sell you what-ever so called cure they are pushing.

But lets look at in another way…

Lets say don’t know how to swim. You get in the pool, splash around and its a struggle just to keep your head above water. You see others swimming around without a care in the world. And you feel kind of stupid. What do you do?

Do you just decide that there’s something wrong with you. That you must be different to other people and that swimming is just not for you? Do you search for a pill to help you out? A spray perhaps?

Of course you don’t. You get someone to teach you swimming skills and you practice and in no time at all it’s perfectly natural.

Well you know what… its no different when it comes to learning the skills required to fully control your ejaculation and last in bed during sex for as long as you choose.

Learn the skills and techniques. Practice. Perform. Simple as that.

Skills training works with swiming and ejaculation control

Now its true that there are quite a few skills you’ll need to be taught before you gain full ejaculatory control but the process is exactly the same. Ive seen this first hand with the guys I’ve coached face to face and the guys who have completed my Ejaculation Coach program.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you breath correctly during sex?
  • Do you know what is the Physical process of ejaculation?
  • Do you understand how the position you choose effects your control?
  • Have you ever trained your ejaculatory system?
  • How many instant cool down techniques do you know?
  • Do you know the steps needed to remove tension from your ejaculatory muscles?

(I detail exactly how to learn all of these skills for lasting longer here)

If you’re like most guys with no stamina in bed you will answer ‘no’ to many of these questions. Is it no wonder then that you are a premature ejaculator?

You’re Just like that guys splashing around in the pool. And that is exactly why sex is so hard for you right now.

Now in time some guys may pick up one or two of these skills on there own. But whether you are 20, 30 or 40, if you don’t make the effort to learn these skills, chances are you will never reach a level of full ejaculatory control.

I’ll show you how to learn all off these skills down the page.

Other Causes Of PE

We’ve covered the main “cause” of premature ejaculation above and if you struggle to last longer in bed your main focus really needs to be on improving these skills. There are however some additional factor that can contribute to a lack of control in bed and we’ll be looking at these next.

Bad masturbation habits

Another cause of premature ejaculation

While your chances of ending up looking like this guys are low, too much masturbation can cause you other problems.

If you masturbate often and your goal is to climax as quickly as possible what are doing is subconsciously training your ejaculatory system to fire off after at a moments notice. It’s now wonder then, that when you add the extra stimulation of being with an actual woman that your body does exactly what you have been training it to do all these years.

Your genes

While human society, technology and ways of life changes rapidly our bodies natural evolution is a lot, lot slower to adapt. In fact genetically we are almost identical to how we were 100,000 thousand years ago. And for the vast majority of that time it was evolutionary beneficial to ejaculate as quickly as possible.

You see as far as your genes are concerned all they care about is passing there seeds down to the next generation and they will attempt to do this as efficiently as possible. While this may have been desirable in the past, in modern society it is obviously not.

This doesn’t mean that you should just accept that it’s your gene’s fault and that there’s nothing you can do. What it means is that you need to take specific actions to reset and re-wire your bodies natural tenancies. As you well see if you check out the rest of the site, this is not hard to do when you know what to focus on.

That’s why you have need specific training and it’s why the methods I teach in the Ejaculation Coach program are so effective.

An unhealthy mindset towards sex, women and yourself

This definitely does not apply to all men with premature ejaculation. I know this for a fact because many of the guys who I have coached have had great attitudes towards there partner’s and women in general.

That said, having an unhealthy mindset towards sex and women is one factor than can contribute to PE. Excessive pornography  consumption is one factor and something you should cut down on if that applies to you.

Also if you find yourself very uncomfortable around women you’ll need to remind yourself than men and women are really not that different. We are all just people with our own personalities quirks and needs.

All of these can be resolved

The good news is that every single one of these premature ejaculation causes can be resolved through a targeted training program, with most men able to last 20 plus minutes after completing the Ejaculation Coach training program.

Here I discuss all the ways this program will teach you to last longer in bed and the steps you can take right now to get started towards achieving complete ejaculatory control during sex.

Learn all the skills of ejaculation control with the Ejaculation Coach training guide

Medical conditions

In some rare occasions premature ejaculation can be caused by specific medical conditions. While this is only true for a tiny percent of guys who can’t last in bed it’s something to mindful off. If you experience a high degree of pain in your perennial area you should definitely visit your doctor for a check up.

Mitch Hawkins
Mitch Hawkins
Mitch Hawkins coaches men on how to last longer in bed using a range of natural training techniques. Along with helping his private clients cure premature ejaculation Mitch is also the creator of the Ejaculation Coach training course.